Activation maps related to spontaneous delta brush activity

Electroencephalographic (EEG) recordings from the developing human brain are characterized by spontaneous neuronal bursts, the most common of which is the delta brush. We acquired simultaneous EEG-fMRI data in 10 preterm infants (aged 32-36 weeks postmenstrual weeks). The most common of these events was recorded on the EEG with a posterior-temporal topography, and their spatial source was localised using BOLD contrast fMRI.


The activation maps represent the results of a one sample t-test using permutation testing and threshold free cluster enhancement (image values are 1-p format (ie: to threshold at p<0.05, minimum signal intensity should be set to 0.95)). The maps have been aligned to the 35 week PMA templates available for download on this site. Please download the data from here.

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The characteristics of the infants studied to produce this activation maps are described in the following table:

Number of infants 10
Median (range) GA at birth (weeks + days) 31+2 (28+2 to 34+4)
Median (range) birth weight (g) 1645 (1080 to 2110)
Number of female 5
Median (range) PMA at time of study (weeks + days) 35+1 (32+2 to 36+2)
Median (range) postnatal age at time of study (days) 18 (from 5 to 55)



MR images were collected following feeding and during natural sleep on a 3-Tesla MRI scanner. EEG data was acquired with 26-32 scalp electrodes on a cap which was fitted on the head of each infant prior to scanning and connected to an MR-compatible EEG system. Blood Oxygen Level Dependent (BOLD) functional MRI data (299-499 volumes) were collected using a T2*-weighted single-shot gradient echo echo-planar imaging (GRE-EPI) sequence (resolution: 2.5*2.5*3.25mm; 21 slices; TE: 30-45msec; TR: 1500msec, FA: 60-90 degrees; SENSE factor 2).

The study and methods are described in detail in the following publication:

Tomoki Arichi, Kimberley Whitehead, Giovanni Barone, Ronit Pressler, Francesco Padormo, A David Edwards, Lorenzo Fabrizi. Localization of spontaneous bursting neuronal activity in the preterm human brain with simultaneous EEG-fMRI. eLIFE 2017 (in press)