The following corrections were performed semi-automatically to the atlas obtained from the study :

  • Antonios Makropoulos, Paul Aljabar, Robert Wright, Britta Huning, Nazakat Merchant, Tomoki Arichi, Nora Tusor, Joseph V. Hajnal, A. David Edwards, Serena J. Counsell, Daniel Rueckert. Regional growth and atlasing of the developing human brain, NeuroImage 125: 456–478, 2015 (Link to paper from publisher).
Correction of ventricles mislabelling in the midsection of the brain:
ven-before-notes ven-after

Correction of GM mislabelling in myelinated WM:
gm-before-notes gm-after

Correction of cerebellum mislabelling at the boundary of the brain:
cereb-before-notes cereb-after